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Bookies Pay Out On Offers Monday 30th September

While Monday's racing was short on quality it more than made up for it with it's competritive nature and this was reflected in a number of big priced winners, a situation which very much favoured b... ...read more

Paul Mulrennan Suffers Multiple Injuries In Horror Fall At Hamilton

Such is the nature of the sport of horseracing that triumph and disaster are intimate bedfellows, with the latter always in the shadow of the former, and that was never more in evidence than at Ham... ...read more

Bookies Pay Out On Offers Monday 23rd September

What started out as a run of the mill Monday's racing with meetings at Hamilton, Leicester, Kempton and Tipperary turned out to be anything but for jockey Paul Mulrennan who suffered multiple injur... ...read more

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2013 Racing Fixtures

There are no remaining fixtures for 2013


2014 Racing Fixtures

Sunday 04/05/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Friday 16/05/2014 Flat Evening  
Wednesday 28/05/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Thursday 05/06/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Wednesday 11/06/2014 Flat Evening  
Wednesday 18/06/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Thursday 26/06/2014 Flat Evening  
Tuesday 01/07/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Saturday 12/07/2014 Flat Evening  
Thursday 17/07/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Friday 18/07/2014 Flat Evening  
Saturday 02/08/2014 Flat Evening  
Friday 22/08/2014 Flat Evening  
Thursday 28/08/2014 Flat Evening  
Tuesday 02/09/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Sunday 21/09/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Monday 22/09/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Monday 29/09/2014 Flat Afternoon  

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