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Draw Bias Spoils Ayr's Western Meeting

In the run up to Ayr's Western meeting each year the subject of any possible draw bias is always a popular topic for discussion among racegoers and course officials alike but few could have predict... ...read more

Bookies Pay Out On Offers Thursday 10th October

Thursday's only Flat turf racing of the day took place in Scotland at Ayr and the eight-race card was run on soft ground which placed the emphasis on stamina although winning margins were quite sma... ...read more

Bookies Pay Out On Offers Tuesday 1st October

Tuesday saw the only Turf Flat racing taking place at the Scottish venue of Ayr with afternoon jumps action coming from meetings at Sedgefield and Chepstow while all-weather fans had to wait a litt... ...read more

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2013 Racing Fixtures

Wednesday 30/10/2013 Flat - Afternoon
Saturday 02/11/2013 Jump- Afternoon

2014 Racing Fixtures

Thursday 02/01/2014 Jump Afternoon  
Monday 27/01/2014 Jump Afternoon  
Tuesday 11/02/2014 Jump Afternoon  
Thursday 20/02/2014 Jump Afternoon  
Friday 07/03/2014 Jump Afternoon  
Saturday 08/03/2014 Jump Afternoon  
Friday 11/04/2014 Jump Afternoon  
Saturday 12/04/2014 Jump Afternoon  
Sunday 27/04/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Wednesday 21/05/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Thursday 22/05/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Monday 09/06/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Saturday 21/06/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Sunday 06/07/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Monday 07/07/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Monday 14/07/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Monday 21/07/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Monday 28/07/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Saturday 09/08/2014 Flat Evening  
Monday 11/08/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Thursday 18/09/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Friday 19/09/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Saturday 20/09/2014 Flat Afternoon WILLIAM HILL (AYR) GOLD CUP (HERITAGE HANDICAP)
Tuesday 30/09/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Thursday 09/10/2014 Flat Afternoon  
Monday 27/10/2014 Jump Afternoon  
Saturday 01/11/2014 Jump Afternoon  
Wednesday 12/11/2014 Jump Afternoon  

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